Dung Jyuu Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. We are well experienced in plastic injection, rubber heating & pressing, liquid rubber forming, and rubber coating. With 3 times factory expansions and various automotive facility settings, we have developed the different types wiper blades and the related windshield glass cleaning products. We are not only export our products to Japan and Europe, but also to Taiwan domestic market, and both with favorable comments from the car makers and consumers.
After more than 30 years' development, TWINSTAR's innovative products and ever-improving quality and performance are not only the keys to live, but also let us become a reliable and well-known wiper factory for a lot of Japanese and Taiwanese OEM's and after-sales service companies in the car industries.
With a number of well-known Japanese wiper factories' long-term cooperation more than two decades, we improve the original specifications of the design wipers, the rear wipers, and the snow wiper blades. TWINSTAR provides users a safe and clear driving vision during the all seasons.
"CLEAR, SAFE, HAPPY " is no more just simply an advertising slogan on the T-Bar, but has become a reliable experience for many "TWINSTAR" users.

"Satisfying Customers, Satisfying Needs and Satisfying the Market" is our corporate philosophy, which we always uphold. Customer's satisfaction is absolutely our best return.